[ Beroeps Federatie van Natuursport Ondernemingen ]

Our services and your interest
We protect the interest of the profession of outdoor sports entrepreneur, organiser, rental company, salesman or distributor in general and in particular our members' interest dealing with all authorities and with your clients. We act on the following specific domains:

1. Legislation and government institutions
BFNO studies laws and decrees that are of interest to our profession. We make politicians aware of our issues and stimulate or influence them in order to be consulted for future legislation.

2. Own code of conduct
All BFNO members act according to an accurately produced code of conduct. Bearing this ‘credo' in mind our professional association was founded. Key issues are first having a constructive approach and second taking nature and those being active in nature into account.

3. Internal regulations
Our internal regulations stipulate for example the ‘types' of members, the ‘obligations' for all active members and patrons, the legal statutory provisions, the election of the ‘Board of directors', the session of the ‘general members' assembly'.

4. Insurance civil liability
All BFNO members can take the MOST COMPLETE INSURANCE POLICY CIVIL LIABILITY (CL) that is available at present. Maximal coverage, clear protection, accurate stipulations and a low cost characterise this exclusive BFNO insurance policy CL.

5. Mondial Assistance

6. Temporary staff
In order to legally employ temporary staff (e.g. DIMONA declaration) BFNO has worked out collaboration with RANDSTAD temp agency. Click on the name to start their application.

7. Legal advice
When legal problems occur it is often difficult to know whom or to which institution to refer to for advice. The BFNO counsellor offers free initial advice. Consequently, if needed, our members are free to proceed with the case at their own expense.

8. News letters and mails
All BFNO members receive an electronic newsletter to which occasionally urgent email messages are added. A few examples: insurance policy legislation, participation in Adventure Affair, obtaining favourable participation rates, legislation unnavigable streams in Flanders, compiling a dossier on training, contacts with Tourism Flanders, working group ‘Sport en Natuur' of BLOSO (Dutch abbreviation for the Administration of Physical Education, Sports and Outdoor Life), inventory water sports Flanders, lectures on eco tourism, participation in seminars and publications, contacts with outdoor sports associations like UBS (Belgian Speleologist Association), VVS (Flemish Speleologists), KBF (Flemish Climbing and Mountaineering Federation)

9. Collaboration between members
A clear information flow between our members is one of the BFNO objectives and trump cards. We organise a report service for agreements on accessibility of grounds, local regulations, permits and so on. BFNO stimulates commercial activities between her members.

10. Model contracts, tax law and VAT
BFNO aims to use standard contracts, application forms and general sales conditions in the clients' interest. BFNO advises her members on provisions regarding tax law and VAT.

11. Deontology and training
BFNO wants to pass on information to her members on sectoral training both national as international. Sometimes BFNO organises internal training. BFNO safeguards the professional deontology, interprets the deontology regarding your clients, suppliers and colleagues. BFNO strives for internationally recognised certificates for outdoor sports organisers and guides.

12. Public relations
We maximise the contacts with the press and media to promote the profession. For example: publications in numerous Flemish newspapers and magazines, national television programmes on public (VRT) and commercial channels (VTM), TV news Veronica the Netherlands, RTL-4 Luxembourg...

13. International contacts
BFNO maintains, as far as possible, international relationships with related interest associations for example with The Network Archives USA & American Outdoors (VS), Association Plein Air France & SNEISS (F), VeBON belangenvereniging Nederland (Nl). BFNO is an active partner in the European Leonardo Da Vinci project EQFOA (European Qualification Framwork / Outdoor Animator) and the ensuing CLO2 project.

14. BFNO web site
All BFNO members are allowed to add a link to their own website, via the list of federation members.