[ Beroeps Federatie van Natuursport Ondernemingen ]
What do the logos represent?
Each of the logos indicates that the organiser participates in the guidance system Safety and Environmental Protection. The participation is gradual; each step is represented by a specific logo:

inprogressgroot The pin-head logo indicates that the organisation has inscribed itself in the guidance system; it has followed an introduction to safety and environmental protection, moreover, the organisation has two years time to audit the programmes on offer.

2_120 The plain coloured logo indicates that the organisation has passed an internal and an independent external audit. The BFNO has, however, not made an evaluation yet.
logo approved The fully coloured logo indicates that the organisation has been evaluated by the BFNO. An external audit proves they execute a professional safety policy. The label is valid for three years.

Do the logos guarantee that accidents can no longer happen?
No. It is not because a car is safe and you drive carefully, you cannot be involved in a car accident. That is similar to outdoor sports programmes. The accreditation logo indicates that the organisation has an active and professional approach regarding risk management and takes all necessary measures in case of an accident.

Who decides whether or not an organisation obtains the logo?
Different parties are involved.
First, there are the auditors. They investigate whether or not the outdoor sports business takes sufficient measures to offer safe and environmental friendly programmes. The auditors discuss their findings with each other. They then make a report for the outdoor sports organisation concerned and they formulate an accreditation advice to the BFNO.
Second, the BFNO Board makes the final decision based on the auditor's advice. The BFNO informs the outdoor sports business.
Finally, a steering group oversees the whole process in order to guarantee a correct accreditation.

Who are the auditors?
The auditors are men and women regarded as experts by the BFNO based on their studies and professional experience. Their expertise lies in the field of outdoor sports, more specifically in the field of the outdoor leisure activities  offered on a recreational level. The auditors do not have BFNO membership. Their being unbiased regarding the business that orders the audit and their expertise in certain activities are the selection criteria.

How do the auditors assess an organisation's safety and environmental concern?
The audit uses a tool produced by a working group in 2001 that has been approved by the General Assembly of BFNO.

As described in this tool auditors look for:
- information sent in by the outdoor sports business prior to the audit;
- relevant work documents on the business sites;
- a selection of the business' activities offered.
The pilot project emphasizes the programmes' safety. The focus on environmental protection is at the moment restricted; other initiatives are being taken in that field (for example by Inverde vzw and in Natura 2000).

What about organisations that do not carry the logo?
Various reasons can make that a certain organisation does not have the logo, namely:
- requirements are stricter than the legal minimum standards. Businesses that have been legally approved for years, moreover, need a few months time to prepare before they can apply for accreditation.