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Guidance System Safety and Environmental Protection

BFNO started a pilot project Safety and Environmental Protection in 2001 as a consequence of the bill on consumer safety that had come into force (KB of March 4th 2002 and KB of April 26th 2004). Instead of simply complying with this law, the association elaborates the legal minimum requirements to create a tool for improving the safety and the environmental protection of outdoor sports' programmes. This tool is being used when auditing a number of BFNO member organisations. An internal audit is made first which is later followed by an audit by independent auditors.

The project's aims are :
- the implementation on site of the new legislation as a standard
- the continuous improvement of the safety of outdoor sports activities offered by BFNO members
- the accreditation of businesses that prove on site a meticulously produced safety and environment policy
- the polishing of the guidance tool for safety and environmental protection
- the availability of the system to all those interested as soon as the tool is finished and consequently to support the safety and environmental protection in the entire outdoor sports sector
- the spreading of information to everyone concerned on the state of affairs regarding safety and environmental protection in Belgian outdoor sports businesses.

Outdoor sports organisations participating in the project - having a label - have been marked with the project logo on the BFNO-list.

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The logo is registered. Any use of these logos is subject to prior approval from the BFNO.

The project runs in collaboration with the Quality and Safety Board of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and is supported by two research groups of the University of Leuven, namely the Social and Cultural Kinesiology (SOCK) and the Centre for Organisational and Personnel Psychology (COPP).
Further details on this quality tool have been published in the Flemish magazine on sports management.