[ Beroeps Federatie van Natuursport Ondernemingen ]

Welcome to the website of the Professional Federation of outdoor leisure activities Employers.

What do we actually represent in Belgium and in Europe ? Have a look at the presentation and read the document regarding the identity of the Outdoors here.

This definition actually covers the meaning of the word 'Natuursport' in the name of our federation.

EC-OE research relating to safety in the outdoors.
BFNO is one of the driving forces in this research project, requested by the  Europesian Commission. The final report  'Non-regulatory measures related to the safety of outdoor leisure activities in the EU' can be consulted here.

BFNO has also been involved in a European reserach project called CLO2. (Read the leaflet here). The end results of this project has been presented at the final conference of the project, hosted by BFNO & KHL (Katholieke Hogeschool Leuven) in september 2010. 

The BFNO website aims to inform the consumer regarding the history and code of conduct as well as the objectives of the federation. Furthermore a complete list with full details of all member companies can be consulted.

For the outdoor entrepreneur the information provided includes a description of the services rendered and important topics such as insurance and the project Safety and Environmental Protection.

The BFNO is part of the European Confederation of Outdoor Employers.








last update: 06/12/2015